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Call for Entries

For "Mark of the Hand" Juried Exhibition

Exhibition dates: September 29 - November 4, 2017
Entry deadline: August 11, 2017 

o   Juried art show celebrating direct hand making processes
o   Pre-1800 legacy art processes*
o   Evidence of being made by the human hand - direct mark making and hand forming
o   Original art work in 2d and 3d media
o   Submit entries through EntryThingy http://www.entrythingy.com/d=tallgrassarts.org#show=3838
o   Entry fee: $25 for submission of three artworks
o   Give a thorough description of your tools, materials and the physical processes of how you make         your artwork, when you enter your artwork at EntryThingy.
o   Cash "Awards of Excellence" will be given.

MARK of the HAND is a juried exhibition of original artwork at Tall Grass Gallery.
From prehistory, humans have told their story by literally leaving marks with their hands. Direct mark making and hand forming are the theme of the "Mark of the Hand" art show.
"Mark of the Hand" will include two and three-dimensional art which celebrates the legacy of traditional, pre-1800 art tools and processes. The artwork will show evidence of being made directly by the human hand.
Media includes (but not limited to) painting, drawing, original printmaking (etchings, engravings, woodcuts and lithographs), sculpture, ceramics, metals, fiber, glass, and wood. 

Cash "Awards of Excellence" will be given.  
Curated and juried by Gail Otterson, MFA and Bill Wild, BA, GIA. 

*MARK of the HAND will not include photography or digital art.  As a complement to this handmade show, Tall Grass Gallery will host a digital art show in April 2018. 

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