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Images of Small Town and Rural Midwest April 27 - June 2, 2018
A call for entries show displaying images of and about life in and around small towns, farms, and rural
areas. An exhibit of images of and about life in and around small towns, farms, and rural areas. Views of
time spent away from urban concerns. Memories of earlier, less complicated days. Reflections on the 
beauty, pace, responsibilities and rewards of living beyond the city's boundaries.

Images might represent historic buildings, railway stations, gas stations, grain elevators, stores, farms, barns,
landscapes, wide open spaces and skies, fields, crops, machines, animals, fairs, parades, people working, 
celebrations, special events.

Artists: Richard Ainsworth, Stephen Bennett, Judi Boehner, Denise Chakinis, Elizabeth Desrosiers, Barbara Eberhard, Rebecca Flowers, Andrea Fox, Ted Fuka, Irene Ganas, Janet Glazar, Glenn Granat, Robert Gunther, Bernadette Hanacek, Linda Hancock, Fletcher Hayes, Madeline Henry, Lynn Hill, Heidi Jachna, Jean Janssen, Jack Kapost, Carol Kazwick, Claudia McCarthy, Tim McCue, Pam McDonald, Margaret McKerral, Janice Meister, Chuck Michaels,  Michael Mikottis, Bob Nardi, Donna Nevels, Kate Patterson, Stuart Pearson,  John Ray, Don Sala, Richard Schmidt, Dorothy Bury Shaw, Charles Sizemore, John Spomar, Glenn Steward Sr, David Tennant, Carol Thorner, Mary Ann Trzyna, Nance Tucker, John Voris, Marvin Wells, Patricia Wiseman, Marikay Witlock.      

 Jurors: Nikkole Huss and Claudia Craemer

Curators: Claudia Craemer and Deborah Craemer


Tall Grass Art School offers a wide variety of art classes for children, teens and adults.

367 Artists Walk
Park Forest, IL 60466
July 19, 2018 - Thursday 7pm-9pm
Food, Music & Silent Auction

Dates: September 15th & 16th 10am - 5pm

Tall Grass Arts Association Gallery 
367 Artists Walk, Park Forest, Illinois
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-4pm
The Gallery is open to the public and free of charge.

Tall Grass Arts Association promotes public education and appreciation of visual art
through exhibitions, classes and the Park Forest Art Fair.

367 Artists Walk, Park Forest, Illinois      (708) 748-3377       tallgrass367@sbcglobal.net
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