Two Storytellers

Two Storytellers presents the works of two highly respected and awarded artists who have often focused on narrative works – portraying thoughts and emotions, dreams and memories, questions and mysteries, through visual expression – the storytelling aspect of visual art.
Rather than turning to literal, extremely realistic images, Marcia Babler and Steve Sherrell have created extensive bodies of work that are often representational – symbolic, expressive or Romantic – not photographic. Landscapes are reconfigured, objects are fused, references and meanings are mixed.
Their paintings, prints, collages, mixed media and computer pieces tell tales, illustrate myths, visualize memories, and pose curious points of view through poetic relationships and environments.  Often combining Symbolism and Surrealism, they consciously experiment with different media and a variety of techniques to enhance their messages.  
Seen as a whole, Two Storytellers suggests a kind of magic realism, an inventive interpretation of reality based on metaphors, dreams, transformations and placement of characters in new contexts.
The exhibit will offer examples of how the two artists relate, contrast and enhance each other’s works. Committed to the arts as artists, jurors and curators, both Babler and Sherrell have been included in hundreds of solo and group exhibits, regionally, nationally and internationally.
Their works urge us to consider questions and ideas that are relevant to us in our daily lives, to listen to our inner dialogues, and to discover our own interpretations of their challenging images.
Curated by Claudia Craemer and Deborah Craemer, Two Storytellers will be on view from October 5 through November 9, 2019, with an Artists’ Reception, open to all, on Saturday, October 5, 1-3pm.
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