Black and/or White

Black and/or White

Tall Grass Gallery in Park Forest, IL will present a new exhibit, BLACK AND/OR WHITE, on Saturday, March 12, 2022. Everyone is invited to attend the Opening Reception that day from 1-3pm.

Fifty-four artists from around the United States and Ontario will share more than eighty images they completed in only black, white, and grays. The exhibit includes drawings in a range of styles, techniques, and media; paintings; various forms of printmaking; photographs; digital works; mixed media; and fiber works.

Artists have interpreted landscapes and natural objects, animals, people, still life, and architecture through a variety of approaches, from extremely realistic to designed, and pure abstractions are important elements of the show as well.

The works in BLACK AND/OR WHITE convey great delicacy and subtlety, mystery and quiet, but also command attention through bold contrasts, dramatic emphasis, and powerful forms. Many draw us in with their incredible detail, while others remove us slightly from reality with their lack of color or playing with time and space. Some of the transformed images suggest an eerie, surreal world. Some of the more naturalistic portraits and landscapes remind of us treasured journeys and special people who once inspired us.

Artists included in the exhibit are: Jay Anderson, Rene Hugo Arceo, Dale Augustson, Marcia Babler, Robert Bator, Stephen Bennett, Darcy Berg, Jeremy Blair, Judi Boehner, James Bowden, Ed S Brickler, Richard Burd, Carrie Carlson, Mary Carnahan, Javier Chavira, Ray Conrad, Christina Cooley, Roslyn DeBoer, Rick Decorie, Rita Dianni-Kaleel, Bill Dixon, Barbara Eberhard, June Finnegan, Susan Flanagan, Andrea Fox, Jeanne Garrett, Janet Glazar, Charles Gniech, Carole St. Claire Grant, Martha Hayden, Fran Hollander, David Jagodzinski, Cathy Jedrzejas, Robert Johnson, Christine McCann, Dennis McDonough, Chuck Michaels, Diane Nadler, Bob Nardi, Robin Neumann, Jack Nixon, Diane O’Connor, Gloria Payne, Felicia Grant Preston, Geneva Reed, James Reichel, Stephen Schiff, Dave Sobotka, Patricia Stewart, Adam Strange, Patrick Thompson, Jan van Leijenhorst, Carol Weber, and Marvin Wells.

Tall Grass is extremely excited to present this wide-ranging collection of images created by so many outstanding, highly honored artists, many of whom have appeared in other shows with us, as well as several who are new to our gallery and our region.

Curators for the show are Claudia Craemer and Debbie Craemer, joined by Janice Meister in judging for awards. BLACK AND/OR WHITE will be on view through April 16, 2022. Regular gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 4pm each day.

All are invited to enjoy the exhibit and meet the artists on its opening day, Saturday, March 12, from 1 – 3 pm.



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