Single-Minded Visions


James Bowden   Carrie Carlson   Jeanne Garrett   Joe Hadamik   Jack Nixon   Dave Sobotka


Tall Grass Gallery will present FOCUS Single-Minded Visions, opening on Saturday, June 17, 2023.

This new exhibit will include works by James Bowden, Carrie Carlson, Jeanne Garrett, Joe Hadamik, Jack Nixon, and Dave Sobotka, six artists who have created ongoing bodies of works over a period of time, focusing on areas of concentration; sustained interests in narrowly defined themes; and attention to repeating specific motifs, subjects, meanings and methods.

Some of their works will be quiet, meditative, inviting us to consider consequences of actions, possibilities for change. Others are reminders of the beauty and wonder of natural environments around the world.

Some are elegant creations based on the pure form and color of nature’s plants or flowers, of repetitions and transformations of them in elaborate designs. Others are tributes to the creations of man, his need to build, to adorn, to astound and leave important structures for future generations.

Some are studies of texture and form, of invented objects that invite and push away, that amuse and present danger. And others are simply incredible abstractions that suggest layered forms, real and implied, overlapping and intersecting and providing delightful puzzles for our minds to solve.

The artists’ processes include investigating related ideas or directions through large-scale hyper-realistic graphite drawings; dynamic abstract paintings that create illusions of depth, dimension, and space; linocuts, etchings and drawings inspired by the beauty and wonder of natural forms and animals, often discovered during travels to Colorado, Scotland, and Australia; photo/fiber works and digital images that explore abstract qualities related to personal experiences and observations; and ceramic sculptures   that investigate 3-dimensional images and surprising mixing of materials.

Curators for FOCUS are Claudia Craemer and Debbie Craemer.  The show will run from June 17 through July 22, with an Opening Reception on June 17 from 1 – 3pm, open to all, to view the exhibit and meet the artists.

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