Tall Grass Arts Association will present a new exhibit,


opening with an Artists’ Reception on Saturday, January 21, 2023. 

The very large show, with over 100 works, is filled with a broad range of artists’ views and interpretations of windows and doors – studies of them and their structure, design, unique patterns, textures, time- and weather-affected transformations, as well as their positions in history, religion, urban and rural life. 

The artists give us, through styles meticulously realistic to beautifully abstracted, views looking into, out of, or through windows and doors, and at the buildings, rooms, landscapes, animals and people observed or imagined on either side of them.

 With a variety of drawings, paintings, photographs, prints, digital, mixed media, and glass works, artists create not only representations of actual objects and places, but also several based on symbolic meanings and metaphors that windows and doors can suggest.

 The 64 Artists in the show are:

Jay Anderson , Marcia Babler, Robert Bator, Judi Boehner, Susan Brauer, Randy Buvala, Mary Carnahan, Maureen Cribbs, Rick Decorie, Rita Dianni Kaleel, Bill Dixon, Bronwyn Elkuss, Hank Erdmann, Alli Farkas, Mary Flynn, Andrea Fox, Deborah French, Jeanne Garrett, Carole St Clair Grant, Richard Greene, Bernadette Hanacek, Susan Henke, Rebecca Hill, Patricia Huss, Heidi Jachna, Robert Johnson, Susan Johnson, Joan Ladendorf, Jan van Leijenhorst, Nora Moore Lloyd, Alejandro Lugo, Jessica Smit Mattingly, Claudia McCarthy, Linda McClendon, Janice Meister, Suzanne Molchin, Bob Nardi,  Julia Oehmke, Cheryl Osby, Kathryn Parenti, Deborah Parkansky, Joseph Perryman, Joan Quirke, Ginny Raftery, Geneva Reed, Don Sala, Mary Schiller, Kim Schult, Gail Scott, Richard Schmidt, Perry Slade, Dave Sobotka, Patricia A. Stewart, Ken Swanson, June Swart, David Tennant, Carla Toth, Ana Vitek, John Voris, Colin Walsh, Carol Weber, Marvin L. Wells, Patricia Wiseman, and Yiran Zhang.


Curated by Claudia Craemer and Debbie Craemer, with works juried for awards by John Gutierrez, WINDOWS AND DOORS will be on view through February 25, 2023.

The Opening Reception on Saturday, January 21, 1-3pm, is open to everyone, free of charge, and all are welcome to view the exhibit and meet the artists.


Tall Grass Arts Association   367 Artists Walk, Park Forest, IL  60466   708 748 3377


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