Flight of Obscurity X

Exhibition: March 11 – April 15, 2017
Artist’s Reception: Saturday, March 11, 12-2pm
Demonstration Workshop: Saturday, March 11, 2:30pm
Tall Grass Arts Association in Park Forest, Illinois will host a very different kind of exhibit in its gallery from March 11 through April 15, 2017. Several medium to large scale sculptures in an installation format will transform the entire gallery space. Curated by Claudia Craemer.
Flight of Obscurity X is an imposing solo show of sculptures and various installation elements created by Ohio artist Nathaniel Foley and presented in a significantly transformed space. Foley’s sculpture focuses primarily on aviation process, materials and language.
As viewers enter his reconfigured environment, they will interact with each sculpture in individual rooms separated by camouflage nets. The nets activate the space and create a semi-solid barrier between the works. Red lights enhance the mood throughout the entire space, transporting the viewer from the expected white gallery space to this unknown pseudo-military experimental space. Foley hopes the viewer will consider formal, technical and conceptual aspects of the installation.
Growing up in a family of pilots, Foley was exposed to the awe-inspiring mysteries of flight at an early age. As an adolescent, his introduction to aviation developed into a deep respect and love for the field. Countless hours were spent building models of planes and talking about aircraft with his father, a certified aviation mechanic and instructor, whose passion propelled his curiosity. Their conversations resulted in his insatiable desire to create forms with his own hands, leading him to master construction techniques and processes (such as riveting and sheet metal fabrication) that have been used throughout aviation history.
Flight of Obscurity X
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