What the Heck??!! Anachros, Juxtos, Implausos

What the Heck??!! Anachros, Juxtos, Implausos

Artists are invited to submit entries for this upcoming exhibit at Tall Grass Gallery.

Works should create, illustrate, or portray the concepts of Anachronisms, Juxtapositions, or Implausible pairings.

We will welcome ideas and images that reveal strange combinations or relationships of time, space, use, jarring shifts and impossible creations.

Look for the bizarre, whimsical, fantastic, unbelievable-made believable. Convince us the weird and wonderfully implausible is absolutely credible. Ask the questions: what is going on? How do these things exist together in the same place, the same time?

Think a T-Rex grazing in a barnyard with cows; a space-suit-clad figure sitting in Lincoln’s chair at his Memorial; giant bees coming in for a landing at an airport; armadillos dancing in tutus; the Mona Lisa wearing biker-chick gear . . .

Images can be humorous, non-traditional, existing in the vocabulary of Surrealism.
Feel free to submit any 2D or 3D media (except video), digital or multi-media or multi-process works. 

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