The exhibit of drawings, paintings, sculpture and installation pieces by Sherri Denault, Margie Glass Sula, and Patty McWilliams will focus on the interaction, complementing relationships and conversations between the three artists’ works. 

Creating an environment of stillness through hand-crafted nature-inspired forms, the artists hope their works will serve as a means of contemplation, meditation, and relaxation within a kind of visual sanctuary. They aim to transform the gallery space into a place removed and safe, private and away from the speed and noise of our fast-paced, device- driven and stressful world. As visitors spend time in the space, they may feel it suggests a kind of refuge, shelter or retreat. Within the quiet and secluded haven, they will discover mysterious images of natural forms emerging from drawings and paintings on the walls, delicately interlaced relief and sculpture pieces embedded in tangles of thread and translucent papers, and installations that suspend branches, bones and feathers in states of fragile equilibrium. 
Denault, Glass Sula and McWilliams, familiar to many in our region, are recognized as dedicated educators and prolific, award-winning artists who have exhibited in numerous regional and national shows and have been involved as gallery directors, jurors and curators for several years. Their shared inspirations in the simplicity, beauty and spiritual power of nature’s patterns and cycles; their commitment to seeking and creating quiet images of unity and balance; and their ongoing experimentation with new materials and means of presenting their images, in both outdoor and indoor venues, have made the joint exhibits of their works compelling destinations and enriching experiences. 
Curated by Claudia Craemer.
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