Pentimento : The Art of Reworking Art

Exhibit Dates
January 19, 2019 – February 3, 2019
Artists’ Reception: Saturday, January 19, 11-4pm
Pentimento is an Italian word meaning “repentance” or “to repent”.
A pentimento is an alteration in a painting or work of art, evidenced by traces of the previous work. The process shows that the artist changed his/her mind as to the Composition.
Pentimento has been documented in many famous works of art. One of the most recognized examples of pentimento is in the painting,  “Old Guitarist”, by Picasso. The painting, from his Blue Period, contains a ghost image of a woman.
It was, and is, common place for artists to paint over another painting. Some did this for economic reasons. Others painted over work they weren’t particularly happy with and started over. If there are traces or evidence of the earlier painting remaining, you have a pentimento.
You are invited to view these once retired works in a range of styles, media, subject matter and formats. Each eventually inspired all these artists to revisit them and produce works that satisfy.
Artists included in Pentimento are:
Karen  Bradfield, Randy Buvala, Pat Cheffer, Claudia Craemer, Maureen Cribbs, Rita Dianni-Kaleel, June Finnegan, Andrea Fox, Julie Freund, Judith Hanacek, Fran Hollander, Robert Johnson, Diamond Jones, Steve Juras, Carol Kazwick, Kamisha Langsdale, Jeanne Monahan, Julia Oehmke, Michael Perrott, Kiet Pham, Steven Schroeder, Karin Springer, Daniel Sullivan, Georgia Tambasis, Chris Tozer, Mary Ann Trzyna, Carol Weber, Carmile Zaino, Mark Zlotkowski
Curated by Linda Haynes and Mary Bookwalter
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