Water World at Tall Grass



Tall Grass Arts Association will present its new exhibit, WATER WORLD, with  an Opening Reception on Saturday, May 18, 2024, from 1–3pm.  All are invited to attend, view the show, and meet the artists that afternoon.

The exhibit of 110 works includes interpretations, descriptions, and views of life on, in, around, above or under water. Images range from realistic visions of secluded lake shores, powerful waterfalls, and crashing ocean waves, to peaceful pools and forest streams, and abstracted patterns of currents and reflections on water’s surfaces.


While photographs play a big part in the exhibit, there are also oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, pastels, mixed media compositions, glass sculpture and mosaics, and a large wall installation.

Artists included in WATER WORLD are:

Jay Anderson, Marcia Babler, Robert Bator, Eric Bertram, Richard Burd, Randy Buvala, Maureen Cribbs, Rick Decorie, Bill Dixon, Hank Erdmann, Sandra Evers, Mary Flynn, Andrea Fox, Arlene Freeman, Robert Lee Fritz, Jeanne Garrett, Janet Glazar,      Charles Gniech, Carole St Clair Grant, Bernadette Hanacek, Linda Haynes,             Heidi Jachna, David Jagodzinski, Jenn Johnson, Susan Johnson, Tony Labriola,    Karen Leader, Amanda Lorance, Alejandro Lugo, Sharon Madderom, Sue Majewski, Nicole Martinelli, Pam McDonald, Margaret McKerral, Chuck Michaels, Julie Miller, Diane Nadler, Bob Nardi, Gloria Payne, Stuart Pearson, Joseph Perryman, Joan Quirke, Lauren Rapinchuk, Windell Rebultan, Janice Redden, Mary Schiller, Richard Schmidt, Penny Shnay, Dave Sobotka, Doug Stein, Marilyn Stewart, Patrick Thompson, Cathy Trezek, Nance Tucker, John Voris, Carol Weber, Marvin Wells,  Tanya Wingo-Brown, and Marikay Witlock.

This very large exhibit offers numerous views of places and moments most of us have visited and remember or would love to steal away to and leave our stressful lives behind for awhile. Everyone is invited to venture in, take your time enjoying the journey,  and leave feeling both refreshed and inspired by nature’s beauty, mystery and majesty.

Curators for the show are Claudia Craemer and Debbie Craemer, and joining them in judging for awards is highly-respected photographer, Bob Daum.

WATER WORLD will run through June 22, 2024.

Tall Grass Arts Association, 367 Artists Walk, Park Forest, IL 60466   708 748 3377


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