What The Heck??!!

                                                                           WHAT THE HECK??!!!                           
                                                                      Anachros, Juxtos, Implausos


Tall Grass Gallery will present its new exhibit, WHAT THE HECK??!!! with an Opening Reception on Saturday, February 10, 2024, from 1-3pm. All are invited   to view the exhibit and meet the artists that afternoon.

 The works in this show create, illustrate, or portray the concepts of Anachronisms, Juxtapositions, or Implausible pairings. They surprise us, bewilder us, and amuse us with strange combinations or relationships of time, space, use, and jarring shifts of our usual perceptions and experiences.  Images on view will be bizarre, whimsical, fantastic, and inspire questions like “what is going on here?”, “how can that be?”, and “what if that were true?”

 Twenty-six artists will share drawings, paintings, prints, photo and digital pieces, and 3-dimensional works.  Included with their unique takes on how our world might fit together in some alternate, often light-hearted, reality are: Jay Anderson, Marcia Babler, Judi Boehner, Richard Burd, Randy Buvala, Rita Dianni-Kaleel, Carol Estes, Mary Flynn, Jeanne Garrett, Janet Glazar, Nickie Gunning, Luis Gutierrez, Judith Hanacek, David Jagodzinski, Marie Karambis, Amanda Lorance, Lucy Mueller, Bob Nardi, Diane O’Connor, Bradford Purse, Tali Rachelle, Mary Schiller, Doug Stein, Patricia Stewart, Tanya Wingo-Brown, and Kelly Witte.

 WHAT THE HECK??!!! will run through March 16. Joining Exhibit Curators Claudia Craemer and Debbie Craemer for the selection of works for the show was Artist and Curator Janice Meister, and judging the pieces for awards will be Artist, Art Director, Professor, and Curator Chuck Gniech.

 We hope everyone will join us in welcoming the Artists and enjoying this complex and varied exhibit at the Reception on Saturday, February 10, from 1-3pm.

Tall Grass Arts Association, 367 Artists Walk, Park Forest, IL 60466
www.tallgrassarts.org      708 748 3377
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 11am – 4pm each day.





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